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A little about me... I grew up in this business. My first furniture market was at age two! And there have been close to 100 markets since. I worked in my father's (and grandfather's) furniture store until I went off to college. I majored in advertising and had a successful career in writing, commercials, and advertising design. Then someone asked me, 'What's the next big thing for Phil Brawner?' and I didn't have an answer. So, I thought about my passions and turned my creative focus to furniture 
and interior design.

I started by doing some work for friends, then got a lucky break and was asked to join a wonderful interior design studio in 2005. After nearly six years, I ventured out on my own and love the freedom of being able to design and choose things for clients wherever I can find them. 

And as important as design is to each project, it's the personal relationship aspect of this business makes all the difference. I have a knack for truly getting along and really communicating well with people - bridging the gaps between what he wants and what she wants to find what makes BOTH of them truly happy. That spells success to me. I've had this happen more than once, and I consider it be my highest compliment when the previously skeptical husband challenges his wife's idea with, "Have you asked Phil what he thinks about that?"